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How to be the best mobile loading ramp?

Author:Sky   Hot:Loading...   Date:17-11-17, 07:24 AM

As we all know, details determine success or failure. Some products look the same but the effects are different, like below picture. Land Rover car and a highly imitated land rover car.

“How to be a Land Rover in mobile loading ramp territory” I thought about it all the time.
And the MORN engineer step by step to help me achieve my dream.

Firstly, MORN engineer upgraded my guard rail. As is well-known. The triangular structure is the most stable. Truss structure of the ramp body and guard rail can disperse my pressure from the loading stuff. It seems to add steel to my arm. My arm and my body share the responsibility of loading and unloading goods.

Secondly, I put on the my body armor----full paved anti skid platform. The platform make me  feel safe with forklift. I will don’t worry the the forklift slide down from my body. As the slip is so funny and horrible.

Then the engineer give me two heavy duty legs. But I rather call them chairs than legs. As I can rely on it for a rest while I'm not working. It is very important to rest. I believe the chairs will make me live longer. 

It is worth mentioning that MORN engineer pay great attention to details. They added many gadgets for me. I did not like it at the beginning. But with time goes by, I found people is very like the gadgets. All right. I admit that I'm starting to like the gadgets now. 

For example, trailing device. It joints truck or trailer to move me to different work places. You will laugh when you see how fast I run.

And solid iron blocks, It made me lose my freedom at work. But I still like it.

I know becoming the best forklift dock ramp, there is still a long way to go. But I will try my best to do that. Let’s see.
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