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4m PWD Llift installed in the Phlippines

Author:Grace   Hot:Loading...   Date:17-01-07, 07:04 AM

This month, there is a 4m high PWD lift installed in a cafe shop in the Philippines. The lift is used as a small elevator for the disabled people with wheelchair, elder person, pregnant women etc. or work as an auxiliary elevator together with the stair lifts.

This wheelchair lift is shipped in a 20ft container, when customer receive it, its already assembled which is easy to install. Customer also installed another vertical wheelchair lift with 3m high in there house. It is used as a small passenger elevator for home use. Standard lift has capacity 250kg, which is suit for a people with wheelchair together an accompany person or 2-3 person. We could also add full enclosure for the platform based on customer require.

Below is test run operating by engineer of customer company.

There is a landing gate on the second floor for the vertical wheelchair lift, this landing door equip with electric magnetic locks. Only when the platform is landing at the second floor could the door be opened, which ensure safety of people on upper floor.

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