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Company Culture

At MORN, we value Communication,Cooperation, and Opportunity. You can find these values reflected throughoutour company, from our factory employees to our head office. Our logo is alsodesigned with them in mind:



This is represented in our logo by theenvelope. We pride ourselves on listening and responding to our customers, andadjusting our products and strategy based on the extremely valuable feedback wereceive from our users.



In Chinese, "Morn" is a homophonefor "alliance". We see ourselves in a constantly evolvingrelationship with our customers that goes far beyond a single transaction.



"Morn" is also short for morning, the best time of the day. It represents the beginning,opportunity, and new challenges to meet and overcome.


Finally, our logo is orange and blue to represent the balance of passion and energy.


This is the logo that every product is printed with before being shipped from the factory, and represents the Jinan MORN Technology(MORN GROUP) Co., Ltd.
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